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The 12 Best Adult Advertising Network Online

If you want your website to maximize its reach online, you’ll need to use the most reliable and best adult advertising network. Better exposure means more traffic and that means more views and chances to convert this traffic to potential earnings.

We made a list of the top advertising platforms that supports adult content so you don’t have to. Here is a list of the best adult advertising network:

  1. JuicyAds
    Full site link:
    JuicyAds is an adult advertising network that lets you buy and sell ads on the net. They have over a million impressions each day from thousands of adult ads all over the world. High quality traffic is guaranteed with their anti-fraud detection system. Once you buy an ad, you can instantly market it and place it anywhere.
    They assure maximum profit for all their clients. They have the highest clicks and offer the lowest prices for their ads. They also support mobile traffic since there are a growing number of users who browse in their phones and tabs rather than PCs.
  1. TrafficHolder
    Full site link:
    TrafficHolder has been in the adult internet marketing service since 2006. They provide high quality traffic from trusted and highly ranked adult and non-adult sites. They also offer the highest share per CPM and referrals.

Traffic sellers can take advantage of their minimum price rates. Traffic buyers can get the best deals when it comes to clicked traffic. They have over 800 million active users each month and growing.

  1. PlugRush
    Full site link:
    Buy, sell and trade traffic with PlugRush‘s ad platform for sites. They offer a wide range of traffic for media buyers, publishers and advertisers. There are endless possibilities for earnings and revenues for your sites.

You can buy traffic to help you reach out millions of online visitors with their platform. You can exchange traffic with thousands of related websites in your niche, giving you better chances in gaining new customers and conversions. You can also increase the revenue of your sites by selling your traffic.

  1. X18
    Full site link:

You can earn from via their adult URL shortening service. You can convert traffic and monetize your links with just a click of a mouse. Shorten your long links and get a chance to earn every time a link gets clicked. All shortened links will be shown a five second ad and will be redirected to your website, that’s where you can earn from them. Get a thousand clicks per day and you have a hefty commission at the end of each month. (more about the best adult URL Shorteners Services)

  1. PornEarn  -> UPDATE is closed now

Shorten your links, create blind clicks and pop-ups with PornEarn. You can also increase your revenue by being an affiliate for their site. Each shortened link that gets clicked lets you earn money. Similar to other URL shortening service, an ad will be shown to the user before being redirected to your main site.

Earning potential depends on how many people have clicked on your shortened links. One click has a price; you can place these links anywhere from your website to forums and blogs. They also have a referral program which gives you 15% of all your referral’s revenue. (more about the best adult URL Shorteners Services)

  1. PopAds
    Full site link:

PopAds offer an innovative way for webmasters to promote their sites with popunders. Their ad network helps to bring traffic to your website via their ad campaigns. You can be an advertiser and focus on gathering traffic for your site. You can choose to be a publisher, convert all the traffic in your site with their popunder ads. They are fast and reliable when it comes to site promotion and payments.

  1. TrafficShop

Full site link:

TrafficShop helps you to get high quality traffic for your websites to attract more visitors. You can also buy and sell in the price that you want with their unique platform. Amateur website owners can get the best deals with their unique traffic broker system that other ad services don’t offer. All the traffic directed to each site is filtered to allow only the best quality traffic to reach your sites.

  1. Plugz
    Full site link:

Plugz is a related content platform system that shows your viewers related contents from similar sites and vice versa. They support all site niches, including adult sites. They make sure that all submitted contents will be posted to relevant websites to ensure that you will receive traffic and page views.

They now have a WordPress plugin for WordPress hosted websites. You can reach more people with their WordPress plugin and help drive visitors to your websites.

  1. AvaTraffic
    Full site link:

Avatraffic’s bidding system makes us unique among traffic brokers. The system allows the publisher to define his minimal price when selling traffic, and when buying traffic, they offer to the advertiser the option of defining the price based on the exact amount and quality of traffic that you require.

Avatraffic accepts a wide variety of adult sites including Tubes, TGP, MGP, Text Sites, Free Sites, Pay Sites, Toplists, LinkLists, and similar sites. Avatraffic, it’s also TONS of sources for BUYING traffic are filtered by type, category, niche, domain, domain, user-agent and countries

  1. EroAdvertising

Full site link:

EroAdvertising has been around since 2006 and has been offering ad network services to adult website publishers and advertisers. The site’s ad network has a reach of 1.8 billion ad views each day; this makes them the fastest growing ad affiliate network in Europe.

Each ad is geo targeted for maximum efficiency according to the locations needs and demands. They have currently over 15,000 active publishers.

  1. ExoClick
    Full site link:

ExoClick is based in Barcelona and has been running their ad network service since 2006. They have served more than 125 billion ad views per month from thousands of publishers and advertisers. They offer different advertising platforms to suit the needs of advertisers and publishers who wish to promote, acquire traffic and earn from their websites.

  1. LinkBucks
    Full site link:

Linkbucks is a URL shortening service that will allow you to shrink a long URL to short URL. But like other free URL shortening Linkbucks Will allow you to shrink URL plus give you some money for every click you will get in the short URL. (more about the best adult URL Shorteners Services)