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HostMetro Adult Hosting Review

Hosting Companies have become a necessity these days. They give you space on a server to make your own website, be it for business or for personal use. But selecting the perfect hosting company can be a challenge as there are a lot of companies working in this arena.

If you have heard about HostMetro Adult Hosting and you wish to know more about it then this useful review will come in handy to you.

HostMetro Adult Hosting is a private company that has been into existence for over a decade and its management team has combined experience of over 50 years. The company people work hard to design great web hosting packages for its clients that can fit into one’s budget and never disappoint them.

Now let’s have a look at a genuine review of HostMetro Adult Hosting to get an idea of its key offerings. I hope this review will help you decide whether you should go for it or not.

Uptime Provided

The company claims to offer 99.9% uptime for one year duration. If the uptime is not as accurate as claimed, a client can claim a month of free hosting service from the company.

Support Offered

If you are new to hiring the services of a hosting company then you should not worry. The company offers you access to a number of learning resources to make your experience easier.

They also offer live support all hours of the day and you can contact HostMetro Hosting via telephone and email channels as well.

Control Panel

No matter which of the plans you opt for, as a client you will always have access to cPanel which is the standard control panel.

 Free Offerings

When a client signs up with any plan, he or she gets a free domain name, one Google Adwords coupon which costs $100 and free access to SSL certificates. I think that’s an interesting way to lure clients.

Ecommerce Features

HostMetro Hosting is useful for ecommerce users as it offers useful features like PayPal, Google checkout, Zen Cart, Softaculous and OSCommerce.

Long Money Back Guarantee

When a client purchases a plan and is not happy, he or she can make use of a 45 day money back guarantee service. This assures the clients that they have more power over the company as they can simply get their money back in case they are not satisfied.

Branded Products

The company only uses branded products like Supermicro servers, Solid State Drives, Intel Xeon CPU’s and RAID protection. This can help a client to trust the service quality of HostMetro Hosting.

Easy Data Transfer

The company can also assist you to transfer data from an old host and they can even transfer it for you within a few hours time.

Minimal Ads

HostMetro Hosting is also very cool about not bombarding its clients with all the upgrade ads that can be very irritating. They keep it to a minimum which at least in my book deserves appreciation.

Easy to Use

People who haven’t used any hosting services yet would love the simplicity offered by the company. They provide one click installers that are fairly easy and the cpanel is also very user friendly.


The verdict of HostMetro Adult Hosting is that it’s a great website hosing company that is a boon for beginners. They don’t use complex technical terminologies and they are always happy to help a client when he or she makes a mistake like forgetting a password.

If you want to host your first website on a reliable shared hosting platform then you must opt for HostMetro without a doubt.

Linux / php / email / mysql / money back guarante / free domain (1y)

USD 2.45 /month
*Disk Space : Unlimited
*Bandwidth : Unlimited


No Hidden Fees;Cloud Technology;Daily Malware Scan & Advanced Firewall;Advanced Spam Blocker;Highly Secure Data Center

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