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CertifiedHosting Adult Hosting Review

Web pages and websites are stored on a server. This is known as web hosting. Web hosting cannot be done by anyone. It needs various tools that are usually available to web hosting companies. If you wish to create your own web page or website, you must take assistance of a web hosting company.

Now, if you are confused about which web hosting company to choose then here’s a review of CertifiedHosting Adult Hosting which is a popular web hosting company. Get to know all about the company in this review I have written just for you and decide whether it will suit your hosting needs or not.

Certified Hosting is a well established company that has been into existence since around 16 years. The company provides its services to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and even individual website owners.

The company also offers individualized services to all the clients because they believe that needs of every personal or business website are really different.

Longer Uptime with Credits

The uptime warranty of CertifiedHosting Adult Hosting is 99.9999. If a client faces one hour downtime, he or she gets one day credit. If the downtime becomes more than 4 hours, the credits are increased for 1 week.

Clear Policies

The company has detailed every policy nicely on the website. This makes it clear for the new client on what to expect and the chances of dispute over petty things are minimal.

Customer Support

The customer support provided to the clients via phone is excellent. The clients can also get access to a knowledgebase which makes it easier for them to familiarize with how CertifiedHosting Hosting works.

Control Panel

Dedicated server clients are free to choose from a cPanel that comes along with WHM or Plesk Panel 10. All clients can have access to cPanel as it’s the standard control panel. The clients who are yet to purchase a package can also choose to use a demo version of cPanel.

Add-On Offerings

With CertifiedHosting Hosting, you can get access to scripts like WordPress, osCommerce, Drupal Roundcube and Magento. It also offers free video scripts like OSTube, PHPMotion, Mediashare, etc. Every shared hosting user also gets $100 worth of Google AdWords credits

If you want to build your website with hundreds of readymade templates then you will surely like the Online SiteBuilder, a website building tool that allows you to create a website within minutes.


If you are not a dedicated server client, you have the liberty to get your money back anytime you wish. When you cancel you will get all your unused credits back. This is certainly a point in favor of CertifiedHosting Hosting as it gives clients a lot of peace of mind.

Good Speed

The speed of loading web pages is quite fast and well above the average speed.

Great Backup

CertifiedHosting Hosting allows you to create a backup of every folder within a few minutes time. This helps you preserve your data more nicely and helps you to never fear losing all your data.


The verdict of CertifiedHosting Hosting is that this web hosting service is easy to buy, the setup is effortless and allows you to get started with your website as soon as possible. The company is dependable and serves the needs of beginners and experienced professionals without being costly.

 The support you get from CertifiedHosting Hosting is professional yet friendly which will make you feel special. It’s a must try for every person seeking trustworthy managed and shared web hosting services that can be used for the years to come without any serious flaws.

Linux / php / email / mysql / money back guarante / free domain (1y)

USD 3.95 /month
*Disk Space : Unlimited
*Bandwidth : Unlimited


UNLIMITED Disk Space and Bandwidth;User Friendly Control Panel;UNLIMITED Sub Domains, FTP Accounts & Email Accounts;99.999% Uptime Guarantee;Anytime, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee

→ Read Certified Hosting reviews | → Visit http://adult.certifiedhosting.com/

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