How to make an adult/porn website and earn money

It is not possible to take any host: your content will be rejected by some hosting who do not want an adult site. A vast majority of them don’t offer adult website hosting. However, with, you can easily find a webhosting that will welcome you with pleasure, because it allows pornographic sites.
Select one of the top 6 adult web hosting companies...For fast, secure and reliable Adult Hosting, the web hosting companies listed on this page offer web hosting services for web sites that offer material geared to adult audiences.
Our advice: read carefully the "Terms and Conditions" of the host and hire a lawyer who has knowledge of the issues and laws involved with adult websites and online pornography
This website lists the web hosting that accept or not to host sites containing adult content

Guide to earn money with an adult website

How to make an adult /porn website and earn money (a lot)

LAST UPDATE : May 2022

Summary :
  1. 1.Create your Website
  2. 2.Get Traffic
  3. 3.Earn Money
  4. 4.Listing of Adult Ad Network
  5. 5.Listing of Adult Affiliate Program
  6. 6.Listing of Adult Webmaster Forum

Create your Website

1) Find the idea or the niche

The adult/porn website market is fairly saturated with traffic for it is better to create a site on a niche. For this, we recommend you to use SEMRush tools to find the best keywords. The free version is limited to 10 searches per day, but you can contact us , and we'll help you to get a free trial for 1 month

2) Choose the best webhosting

You have the niche, now you need a powerful web host.
We advise you to accommodations that will be able to handle thousands of visitors directly. To do this, take the hostgator hosting, global reference, which allows web hosting for adults. Hostgator has high performance at very competitive prices servers, and most importantly, it will be possible to start with a shared hosting order (ideal for beginning with thousands of unique visitors), then take progressively more powerful hosting (VPS Server, ..). Also, with hostgator web hosting, you can install wordpress 1click events

3) Configure your website

If you made your own website, use wordpress, or something else, make sure you have these 3 things:
  1. a) Most of adult website have a webpage with the DMCA notification (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) against the theft. Read the other website about this page for inspiration
  2. b) Signup to the label RTA :
  3. c) You need an Adults Only Age Verification System ! : Adults Only protects your site from being viewed by under aged person’s by verifying their birth day, as well optionally getting them to agree to your sites agreement.
    If you use wordpress, you have this very good script for only $15
    For a regular (non wordpress) website, you have this powerful script script for only $14

4) (optional but recommended) Use an Adult tube script

Many Adult offer to user to create their own tubes. But you will earn less money than if you have yours. If you want to create easily your own adult or porn tube, use Adult script pro
We use this script in many of our scripts, and Adult Script Pro is built with optimization and scalability, so it's much faster than other adult affiliate tubes.
Adding videos has never been easier with the Mass CSV/RSS Import tool. Thousands of legal free videos in minutes will be imported !
Making money with this tube site has never been so easier!
Get 15% with our promo code/voucher : 2F26173E0C

Get Traffic

Before earning money with your adult website, your website should be known.
For this, there are several ways :

Earn Money

Your traffic explodes, you have thousands of, you can (and need) to monetize your adult site (porn website).
You have several ways to make money with a porn website :

  • 1) Sell your traffic : you can register and use one (or many) adult ad networks (full list of adult ad network below). You can also sell 1k,2k,... in TrafficShop

  • 2) Buy/Sell your own products (sexy clothes, porn videos, porn images,toys,...) Buy wholesale on

  • 3) Make partnership : it's not really pure affiliation, but you can find some partner and few professionals to deal with them. For example, if you sell only sexy clothes in your website, maybe you can find a partner who sell toys... Also, you can take the opportunity to request links exchange and win quality backlinks

  • 4) Affiliate Program :
  • One of the best way to make money with an adult website. There are many adult affiliate program, for almost every niche. Take time to find the best one. You will find a list of affiliate program below.

  • 5) URL Shortener services :
  • A URL shortener is a simple service which allows you to shrink long URLs. After shortening a long website address (URL) you get a short link, which is also referred to as "short URL" or "URL alias". For example, the long URL "" gets shrinked with the help of the shortener website to "". When the user will click on this URL, he will see some advertising for few seconds.
    Some URL Shortener services allowing adult and porn content : LinkBucks (adult + non-adult), X18 (only adult)...Here a list of the Best Adult URL Shorteners
    You want to create your own URL shortener website ? You can do it yourself in few steps and quickly : Read our dedicated article to help you to create your own URL shortener website

  • 6) Image/File Adult hosting : Host your porn files or porn images, and earn money when a user will download or see them.
    Some Image and file hosting allowing adult and porn content :
    You want to create your own image or file hosting website ? You can do it yourself in few steps and quickly : Read our dedicated article to help you to create your own file hosting or image hosting website

  • 7) Sell your website : You have an interesting website and you want to sell (no more time, want money,...), you can sell your website in dedicated selling website like

Buy / Sell Traffic (1k,10k ...)

Listing of Adult Ad Network

The Most Common and popular way which every Adult webmaster uses to make Revenue from Their websites or blogs is Running Popup or PPC/CPM Advertisements.

There are Thousands of Adult ads network but most are Scams or not making payment to there publisher on Time.

Top Adult ads networks for adult publisher and advertiser Dedicated Adult Ad Networks Ad Networks allowing legal adult or porn ads

Listing of Adult Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs no longer simplest generate revenue, but provide content material on your website. By using registering with affiliate applications, quite a lot of porn websites offers you content material to advertise. You get paid for any site visitors you ship them that converts. Other :,

Listing of Adult Webmaster Forum

You need help, advices, or something else, here a list of dedicated forum for adult and porn website.
Do you have other tips ? do you have a comment about how to earn money with an adult website ?
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