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AdultAdWord Review: Does It Really Work For Adult Websites ?

AdultAdWord Review: Does It Really Work For Adult Websites ?

I’ve been a publisher in AdultAdWord, I want to tell you that they are legit site for CPM campaigns. I’ve made this AdultAdword review for people who are still doubtful. There are a lot of CPM websites and services, I was looking for a site that can cater to the adult industry and at the same time give decent rates for CPM. That’s when I came across AdultAdWord, a referral from a friend.

I want to make things clear in this AdultAdword review. Just like any other CPM site, AdultAdWorld gives the user two account options: Advertisers and Agencies or Publishers and Partners.

  • As advertisers, you will buy CPM ads in order to get traffic to your site.
  • As publishers, you get paid for every CPM ad that gets a click. You can monetize traffic into cash. They offer publishers guaranteed income, desirable rates and scheduled payouts. There’s also the referral programs as a means for additional revenue.

What’s the difference between CPM in advertisers and publishers?

CPM (Cost Per Thousand) is the term used by online marketers to determine the cost of a thousand impressions, clicks or page views.

  • For advertisers it will be the estimated spending cost of displaying your ad to a thousand prospects.
  • For the publishers, the CPM will be the payment you’ll receive for every thousand impressions of an ad in your page.

I was able to join AdultAdWorld as a publisher for free. No hidden charges and fees, just fill up the registration form and wait for their confirmation. Payout for each ad ranges from 40-60% depending on the net earning and the type of campaign, not bad right?

If you want to be an advertiser but don’t want to register just yet, you can send them an email about your questions and their online support team will get back at you. This ends my AdultAdword review, you can visit their site and see their offers and campaigns for yourself.