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AdultSense Review: Get High Quality Traffic For Your Adult Site

I’ve been looking for a reputable pay per click site that offers a good deal. I’ve stumbled across, a pay per click site that promises rates similar to Google Adwords. This is my personal AdultSense review so I can’t guarantee anything, I just want to share my experience.

What makes AdultSense different is that they have a strict policy when it comes to approving members and sites. They target high quality keywords, regardless of the competition. This makes for better traffic and conversion rates.

Their platform is best suited for adult websites or any related sites in the adult industry. I want to explain in this AdultSense review the two different accounts. You can choose to be a publisher or advertiser.

  • For advertisers, due to their high pay per click rate and quality traffic, they have a tough publisher selection. They target high quality and conversion so that ware sites, tube sites or similar ones can’t get through.
  • As a publisher, all ads have passed their approval so they are safe and stripped of any malicious codes. They won’t approve ads with low quality or hidden codes. If your ad is relevant to the niche, clean and loads fast then it has a higher chance of getting approval. They also pay the highest rates in the adult industry pay per click platform. Payment is released monthly.

I want to earn in AdultSense so I set up a publisher account. There is no exact amount on how much you will earn since it depends on the ads published by the advertisers. Depending on the several factors, you will receive different rates. Ever since I started, I’ve had earned a good revenue each month since I’ve concentrated on relevant advertisers and ads in the US. If you a diligent publisher, you can earn more than $100 a month. All I can say is that AdultSense is a good place to start a PPC campaign for your adult websites. Once again, this is a personal AdultSense review, so my revenue and experience will vary from others.