HostGator Web Hosting Review – adult advertising service

I want to share my insights and made my own review to give new adult site owners an idea about their service. Getting the right service can can indeed improve your site’s traffic and conversion rates. No matter how much traffic and visitors you get, if it’s not related to your website, then it won’t make a difference. That’s why you need an ad service which targets the adult industry niche.

The first thing I noticed about the website is how straight-forward it is, no fancy texts or flash images. What makes Avatraffic unique is it’s whole platform. Instead of the usual ad exchange, they operate under a bidding system. The webmasters can buy or sell traffic to guarantee payments from these ads and lead highly valuable traffic to their pages.

The bigger the flow of traffic is on the site daily, then the higher conversion and commission rates you’ll receive. You can easily get your commission via:

  • Wire Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Webmoney
  • Payoneer
  • eCoin
  • Paxum

I’ll explain their bidding system in my review and what makes it special. With the bidding system, you can take hold of the reigns and name your price, both in buying and selling traffic. They have an extensive review system, making sure that the ads are filtered properly and have a value. They are also generous with their referral commissions and on time payment processing.

Since you are the one controlling your price, then you’ll be able to give a price that you deem worthy. At the same time, buyers can choose and get quality traffic which would be insanely overpriced in other platforms. You can filter out users who are too much for you to handle and focus on the ones who strike a good deal.

That’s why I was thrilled when I first read an review. I’ve had my fair share of experience regarding ad exchange and marketing. Some of them worked for a short period of time, others were just a waste of money. It’s hard to look for a reliable ad traffic service if your website is in the adult industry.

Earn money with adult website and avatraffic