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The 4 Best Adult Tube Script Online

Websites such as help adult tube site owners to manage and boost their site’s content by giving easier access to videos, images and files. They make the task of uploading, downloading and embedding adult videos to your site much easier.

If you want to start your own adult tube, then you better make sure to find the right service and host to help maximize your site’s potential. Stop wasting time and money by manually doing these daunting tasks which can be all be performed by one adult tube support site.

Here are four best adult tube script sites similar to VideoSwiper:

  1. Adult Video Script

    Full link:
    Want to create your own adult tube site? Make it possible with AdultVideoScript. They offer services such as adult video, image and site hosting. You can start raking in profit from your own adult website with their service.

  • Their Video Conversion Engines allows you to upload HD and mobile videos which are web-ready and available in different resolutions for PC and mobile users.
  • The site offers responsive templates which immediately adapts to any screen size.
  • Aside from English, they have a multi-language system. Visitors can choose a language of their choice making it easier for non-English speaking foreign visitors.
  • All hosted sites are SEO optimized. Meaning your sites will have better chances in ranking and indexing allowing for more traffic and profit.
  • Customize your site according to how you want it to look. You can add new features, change the layout and more.

Make your own adult website with adultvideoscript

  1. TubeAce

    Full link:
    Wordpress is one of the top website platforms chosen by many to host their site. You can directly add an adult video to your WordPress site with a theme or plugin from TubeAce. With the TubeAce theme and plug in you can instantly transform your WordPress site to an adult tube site!

  • You can choose videos from over a thousand adult websites.
  • All the themes only work for premium WordPress sites. This includes two HTML 5 responsive themes. These themes will immediately resize according to the gadget the viewer is using; whether it be on the PC, phone or tablet.
  • You are not hosting the video so there is no limit to the bandwidth you can use. You can import and embed videos from sites such as PornHub, RedTube, PornTube and many more.
  • With the mass video importer you can directly import all videos from sponsor and partner sites in just a matter of minutes.

Make your own adult website with tubeace

  1. Smart Tube Pro

    Full link:
    SmartTube Pro focuses on content management for your adult websites. From images, videos, content and hosting. All the needed requirements for your adult site’s optimal function are here.

  • Permits different video formats so all your videos can be compatible with any device.
  • You can have access to full site template.
  • Allows 60 seconds preview of any video.
  • All images and videos are self-hosted on the site so you don’t have to worry about bandwidth.
  • The client can place a watermark on all original videos, images and files to confirm that they are the original poster of the content.

Make your own adult website with smart-scripts

  1. WordPress Tube Plugin

    Full link:
    WPTubePlugin is an adult video grabber service that lets you grab videos from over a hundred adult sites. You can also choose a theme for your website from a variety of adult themes available in their site.

  • The adult video grabber allows you to import videos from top porn sites automatically.
  • There are over 112 available adult themes in their site. Choose the one which suite your site best.
  • 24/7 online client support assures you all your questions and problems will be fixed and entertained.

No limit will be put on your domain.

Make your own adult website with wp-tube-plugin

  • Mike Han

    i used 3 scripts among them. wp-tube-plugin is the best. no comparison with others. best support team.

    • JP

      that’s true Don. 5 stars for wp-tube-plugin support team.

  • Luis Souza

    All crap, 2 cts for all, the worst in all senses is tubeace


      have you used them

      • JP

        Don’t hesitate to buy. i have pro and very much satisfied buyer. close your eyes and buy

  • wp-tube-plugin

    thanks to all who are using wp-tube-plugin. we got huge response from our buyers. we really happy to see this kind of response from our buyers. please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any problem regarding wp-tube-plugin plugin/ theme. we will resolve your problem ASAP. thanks for all your support.

    wp-tube-plugin Team


      i want to buy but dont know how to install it. Can you offer me installation services at a fee

      • Harish Nayal

        yes we will install plugin and theme free on your server.
        please check https://www.wp-tube-plugin for more details.

    • JP

      thanks wp-tube-plugin team for wounder full product. your new pink theme is really awesome. i really love it. there are tons of features in small price. i hope you will not increase product price in future. Seriously, this set of plugins and themes has absolutely allowed us to create and manage a large number of tubes and also other adult sites. If we did not have this, it would be years before we’d be live. Anyone looking to purchase or find some plugin for adult tubes/adult sites…this is the only one worth anything. Don’t hesitate!

  • wastage of time..none ot them actually worth your time