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Make More Money With JuicyAds – JuicyAds review

When you are in the adult website industry, it’s pretty tough to get a good marketing ad service. You’d want to be with a trusted company that could handle all your needs, deliver quality service and actually makes you earn a good revenue. JuicyAds is all that and more, they have been in this field for more than 8 years.

What is JuicyAds – JuicyAds review ?

JuicyAds is one of the older adult networking sites that offer and sell adult related ads. They started their public activities in 2006 and has grown since then and became successful in their field. They’re a marketing website that offers publishers a chance to earn revenue by selling ad space to adult site advertisers.

  • They have a user friendly interface for buying ads that even the most technologically challenged person can use it.
  • Their service is fast and reliable, you can instantly purchase ads in a click.
  • They deliver over a billion clicks and impressions everyday and it keeps on growing.
  • They ensure client safety with high-end, up-to-date fraud detection programs.

Earn money with porn website and juicyads

Why use image ads?

They have exceptional service in directing mobile traffic, creating ad banners and popunders. They specialize in designing graphic ads since images do get a higher click rate than just plain texts.

The standard sizes of their ads are 728×90, 468×60 and 300×250 but custom sizes are also available. There are publishers who want ads that will fit their site’s needs which could not be met with the standard sizes. In order to work in everyone’s favor, the customizable sizes have been created.

Why choose JuicyAds ?

  1. JuicyAds cater to both mainstream and adult websites. Some companies are concerned about displaying their adult networks, that they’d go as far as to hide their adult sites from their clients. They create another site to cater their adult network aside from the one they already have, making their clients pay double on the same service ran by the same company. But you don’t have to worry about that in JuicyAds since they are transparent when it comes to their clients.
  1. JuicyAds offer you an investment that runs in the long term. Instead of just getting that “quick buck”, they ensure that both the publishers and advertisers get what they pay for in the long run.
  1. They want to deliver and meet their clients’ goals without compromising their client’s users surfing experience. Ever had an experience in where an ad just pops up when you are busy reading? Or when it covers a part of the page you are browsing? It’s annoying and JuicyAds makes sure that doesn’t happen.
  1. They make sure to attend to your every need and question. They provide personal service to all their clients whether it be setting up an account or giving advice for using their services. Their online support makes sure that all the questions are answered and proper assistance is given.

JuicyAds: Legit or Scam?

JuicyAds has got to be one of the most transparent adult networks out there. You can see all the proof of their legitimacy in their website, payment schedules, screenshots and records of their released funds. You can also see the list of awards that they have won over the years. They’re the only adult dating ad network that won 13 awards including the 2015 GFY “Newbie of the Year” and 2015 XBIZ “Traffic Service Company of the Year: North America”. You can also read real and genuine reviews from their clients. They have an active Facebook and Twitter account that you can follow if you want to engage with other clients outside of the service platform.

Earn money with adult website and juicyads