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LinkBucks, best adult URL shortening service

You may have heard of URL shortening service but what do they do? Apart from making your long links shorter, they can also help you earn money. is one of the best URL shortening service for adult website, that not only shorten links but enables you to earn a profit for each clicked link. Yes, LinkBucks allows to advertise adult website…

How does LinkBucks work – LinkBucks Review ?

Linkbucks is a URL shortening service that allows users to shrink long URLs to shorter ones. These links are hosted on LinkBucks and then redirected to the source, whether it be a page, website, video, blog, etc. Shorter URL links get more clicks and looks better on a page than long links. LinkBucks will give the client money for every clicked link hosted by the site. You can place these URLS anywhere on the net! Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, place it on forums and comments or just put it on your blogs and websites. Once these links are clicked, you start earning.

How can you earn with LinkBucks?

It’s quite a simple process actually, you earn money for each time your link is clicked. For every successful registration from your links, you will be paid 10% of that person’s earnings as long as they stay on LinkBucks. For every referrals that are sent into the site, there is an additional 5% revenue for you. Not only that, but every time those people send out referrals and bring a new member then it’s another 1% of their earnings for you.

There is no fixed amount on how you will earn since it will be based on several factors: how many people visit the links, what kinds of ads are shown and the location of the viewer. Clients have earned hundreds to thousands each month using this service.

Why choose LinkBucks?

  • Adult Compatible : LinkBucks is one of the best general URL shortner service, and is also one of the best adult URL shortening service. It means that you can use LinkBucks with adult/porn websites. Just check their TOS
  • User friendly: The way LinkBucks works is very easy and simple to understand. Even beginners will not have a hard time using their service.
  • Instant payment option: You can withdraw your payment anytime once it’s reached the minimum payout rate of $10. They will not hold back your money, you worked for it and they will give it you.
  • Reasonable rates: Compared to other URL shortening services, LinkBucks offers you the best rates per links clicked.

What are LinkBucks links?

Once you have completed registration and created an account you can start using LinkBucks. There are three types of links that you can choose from :

  • Single Link: Shrink your URL to a shorter one and place it on your website, social media, forums, etc. This is the most popular link amongst the three.
  • Multiple Link: This is shrinking multiple URLs in just one click.
  • Full Page Script: You can use this option when you want all your website and blog URLS to be shortened and linked from LinkBucks.

Is LinkBucks Legit Or Scam?

Link shortening services have been sprouting like mushrooms in the ad market lately, it’s hard to tell which ones are legit and which are not. Which one will pay you and which are just scammers trying to earn a quick buck. LinkBucks is a legit service proven by thousands of online marketers. They have been active in this field of business since 2005 and have not missed a payment to their clients. You can find all their proof in their site’s support forum. Payment is on time and they even have the lowest payout rate of only $10.

You can create an account for free. Still not satisfied? Look into their forums for testimonies and proofs from members. You can visit the LinkBucks website and see all the amazing offers that they have for their clients.