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Low Fees And High Adult Quality Traffic With TrafficHolder

Looking for high quality traffic for adult websites can be a daunting task. That’s why we turn to ad marketing platforms and use their services. Often times, we get what we think is a good deal only to find out the traffic driven to our sites isn’t even related to our niche. Sometimes, you find a good source of traffic, only to find out it’s too expensive. That’s where TrafficHolder steps in the picture, they provide high quality traffic in exchange for a small fee.

What is TrafficHolder?

TrafficHolder is a marketing service which focuses on adult themed websites. They are based in the Netherlands and have been active in the market since 2006. They have an advertising platform service and over 300 million users each month. They provide quality traffic for these websites and have been known for their unbeatable prices and incredibly low fees.

Awards and Recognition

TrafficHolder has received recognition for their services which includes “The Best Traffic Service of the Year” (2007-2008) and MasterX Awards (2008-2009). The site has a clean and simple layout, a good selection of services and tools, low-cost pricing and on time payouts which makes it the site to go for many online marketers.

Why choose TrafficHolder?

TrafficHolder has been well-known amongst marketers for having the lowest service fees. You have the option to buy or sell your traffic without breaking your budget. For those who want to buy traffic, there are tools you can use to manage your campaign and get high quality traffic your site needs.

  • All the traffic that goes through TrafficHolder has been filtered. You’ll find suitable traffic for your site from their wide selection of niches, including adult sites. These traffic comes from various niches, TGP, MGP platforms, tube sites and other related sources.
  • You can choose where your traffic will originate from. The incoming traffic is tracked via IP address and cookies, each is unique and spread out for 30 days, making the traffic high quality and more oriented to your site.
  • Webmasters who are yet to decide can test their sites as to where they plan to place their ads and if it’s in the best location. They can also estimate the price they’d want to pay on an advertising space.
  • To ensure their surfers are not troubled in any way with the ads, these visitors will be redirected to “clean” sites. Meaning, those sites that don’t have pop-ups, dialers or consoles that can be quite annoying.
  • TrafficHolder will send their reports and feedback to you, regarding your site’s performance and web traffic after thorough analysis. They will even offer you advice on how you can increase your earnings while improving the quality of traffic to your site.
  • If you are a publisher, TrafficHolder gives an average of $2.30-$4.00 for each CPM (per 1000 hits).
  • By becoming their affiliate, you can get more revenue from the site. Whenever a webmaster clicks your link, you’ll instantly get a 5% on his earnings.
  • Unlike other marketing platforms, their referral commissions don’t expire. You will continue to earn your commission as long as the member stays in the site. As per usual, the more people who sign up via your referral then the bigger your earnings will be.
  • They also have a reliable customer service open to answer your questions 24/7.

Earn money with adult website and trafficholder

For adult site owners who are looking for a company with a good reputation, then TrafficHolder is your best option. With their low rates, excellent services and flexible ad campaigns, it’s the best bargain for beginners and long time adult site owners alike.