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Monetize Your Adult Website With PornEarn – PornEarn Review


If you are managing an adult website then you would know how challenging it can be. Monetizing adult websites requires a lot of skill and patience. However, it can be made easier, with the help of PornEarn.

What is a PornEarn – Pornean Review ?

Marc Lassiter started PornEarn in 2013, it was created to target adult websites for marketing and advertising. It’s an ad network for adult site publishers, owners and advertisers to gain traffic for their websites and gain revenue at the same time. Unlike other URL shortening services, PornEarn caters to websites with adult content. Since the adult industry can get a bit competitive, PornEarn assures it’s users that they can get more income and visibility by using their services.

What is a URL shortening service?

Basically a URL shortening service is a method used by websites to make a URL shorter and direct it to a certain page. It can be done by using a redirect on a domain with a shorter name and then proceeds by linking it to the page with the complete URL.

PornEarn is an adult friendly advertising network that will help promote your website. It has a URL shortening service that users can avail for easier linking, advertising and sharing of their adult links. They also offer various ad formats for adult sites to enable the webmasters to earn income in their ad network. PornEarn gives those who are in the adult industry a chance to earn in their network while providing necessary service for advertising which helps in driving a good amount of traffic to their websites.

Why choose PornEarn?

PornEarn offers services from short links, affiliate linking, blind clicks and even top banner ads. You can get a fair share of revenue for a “click per view” basis. Meaning, the more people click on your links and ads then the better your earnings and at the same time, your site gets quality traffic as well.

  • Payouts: There are only a handful of adult friendly ad sites. PornEarn offers it’s users the lowest payout of only $5.
  • Advertising: You can start monetizing your website and social media pages with their various advertisement formats (URL shortening, link exchange, direct linking, banners, videos, pop-up ads and more).
  • Requirements: PornEarn is basically a URL shortening service website so there’s no need for strict requirements if you want to be a publisher.
  • Restrictions: Being in the adult industry, you can place your links and share them anywhere you want.
  • Reporting System: PornEarn has it’s own reporting platform. It will show you a list of details on all your links. To make things easier for browsing, you can filter the reports to see a particular ad unit.
  • Payment: PornEarn usually releases it’s funds on Fridays. Users are paid on a weekly basis. For instance, you have accumulated the amount needed to avail a cash-out, you have to wait on Friday of the same week to avail it.
  • Payment Methods: PornEarn supports payment via Paypal, Bitcoin and Paxum.
  • Referral Program: Engage in their referral program if you want to earn extra money. It’s quite simple, refer publishers to PornEarn and you’ll receive a 10% revenue share of their earnings for as long as they stay on the site.

PornEarn: Legit or Scam?

That’s always the first question asked by people who have yet to try PornEarn. PornEarn is fairly new in this business. They are still in their starting phase and working to improve their services. In order to pacify people’s doubts PornEarn seeks transparency while at the same time protecting their user’s identity. In their Facebook page and website you can see payout screenshots and complete payment processes. You can visit their website and see the current number of webmasters and links since it changes daily.