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Plugz Review: Directing More Traffic To Your Adult Site

Every time I get to visit a site, I’ve observed “related content”, “similar from the web” results at the bottom. It’s a very clever way to relate content at at the same time drive traffic and increase conversions to your site. In this Plugz review, I’ll share to you about plugs and how it can drive traffic to your site. offers a plugin for your website or blog that enables related posts to show up on your page. It’s a different approach from the usual ad networks, since it doesn’t show obvious ads but content from websites. They have different ad networks related to your site so you don’t have to be worried about getting visitors.

This is a personal Plugz review so I’ll stay away from the technical terms and explain it in a simpler way. The process starts once you install Plugz on your website or blog and you provide them with plugs to your site and they do the rest. Their platform works in a way that your plugs get distributed to other websites that are similar to yours. You’ll notice an increase in page views and time on site. It will drive potential customers and visitors to your pages and at the same time, help monetize your traffic.

For users who have experience with Plugz, the return of traffic goes over 100% most of the time. However, don’t expect instant results. It will take a couple of days and then you will see a steady increase of traffic on your site.

You can even earn revenue from Plugz by displaying sponsored content but the option is up to you. If you are using a WordPress platform for your site, you can install the Plugz plugin which makes managing it a lot easier and better. It’s very user friendly and even has a customize feature so the plugs can match the theme of your site. Try it for yourself, see the difference and don’t forget to share your Plugz review and experience.