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Starting My Adult Website

I was in my early thirties. I was a new mother. My husband had started a new job, working as an overnight trucker, and I was finishing my degree. A lot of little things came together at once. I had a great deal of time at home alone, especially when the baby was napping. My husband’s job met our basic needs, but extra would have been nice. It would mean saving for a rainy day or the eventual second child we knew we wanted. Unfortunately, I was not going to be able to find a job that would cover childcare expenses for an infant and make any appreciable impact on our budget, not without my degree. In fact, my leftover money from financial aid was a bigger boon to us than working full time would be.

The net result of all of that was, by the time I had reached my first full year of motherhood, I was bored. I had mastered the fine art of getting my homework finished in between classes. My mother-in-law watched our daughter on the days that I had classes. With the exception of essays, I had nothing to bring home. So once the baby was napping or in bed for the evening, and my husband was off at work, I had nothing to do.

Browsing on the internet one day, I found an article about a young woman who supported herself through college by stripping in front of her computer camera. The money she talked about making – well, it would outstrip what my husband was bringing home. Of course, I never had the courage to do something like that, and I knew my husband would not like the idea of other men seeing me naked.

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The story piqued my curiosity, though. I wondered what other kinds of adult websites were around (I had never so much as looked up porn before). I found out that having an adult website, provided you have engaging content on the site on a regular basis, could be rewarding in multiple ways. For some, it was supplemental income. For others, it was a creative outlet. I was unsure about one, but liked the other. I always wanted to be a writer, and my husband loved it when I shared my sexual fantasies with him.

I could write about some of those fantasies, putting them up on a website as stories.

I had an even better idea, though. I could become the fantasies. I created two blogs for myself on a service that is defunct now. One was an adventurous young paralegal with a wild side and a crush on her boss. The other was a bored housewife whose husband had stopped paying attention to her, so she was reaching out. I posted short little things about three times a week to each one, imagining scenarios and writing about them.

It was fun, but I did not expect it to go anywhere, especially when most of the “comments” on the blog were from “people” trying to sell me herbal supplements to help me get a bigger penis. I enjoyed the creative outlet, though, and I was not bored. I would spend a couple of hours a night writing up the posts that would go up later in the week. I learned about blogging and how to keep a regular schedule. I also had new sexual fantasies to share with my husband. Our sex life had suffered after our baby was born. The new fantasies were just what we needed to get the spark going again.

I did not think I had real readers to the blog, until people started engaging me. They looked at my characters as real people, and I responded to them in that way. It was touching sometimes, but mostly it was fun. If someone was snarky, I would just hit them back with something witty about how it was funny they were reading about my life if they didn’t approve. If they were sympathetic or concerned, I would thank them, and be sure to add something positive to future posts.

I realized that I needed something better than the basic blog platform, which attracted spammers, if I wanted to do more with my blog. I knew that I could do more with it. I had five people that commented regularly, with a couple of dozen people leaving comments off and on, and that was with zero work promoting or even talking about the blog.

When I found Adult Website Hosting, I was excited. Here I could manage my two blogs easily. I also had customized email through the service, something I lacked with the blog, and tools to help me not only build the site, but network with other adult website hosts like myself. I even had the ability to set up my own domain names.

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I took the plunge. I moved my blogs over and let my five dedicated readers know the new address. I also started networking with other adult website owners, getting advice from them of ways to promote my site. The community of adult web developers was amazing. They were happy to share their success stories and as I created friendships, I had people to link sites, mention and recommend me, and even invite me over to their own sites to share stories.

Eventually, I created what I like to call my “developer’s blog” where I talk about my two story sites, highlight the sites of friends, talk about where I get inspiration for the characters’ exploits, and sometimes share favorite comments that don’t make it past moderation.


The best part of having Adult Website Hosting was having control over access to my site. I have content that anyone over 18 can see, but I also have content that only people who are patrons of the site (donating or paying for subscriptions) can access. Sometimes it might be first reads of my character blogs. Other times, I post erotic stories only for them.

My readership grew from the five regular followers. Now I don’t just have a hobby that keeps me from being bored. I bring in regular income through the site donations and subscriptions. The best part is, I don’t have to find daycare. Everything happens from the comfort of my own home, when the little one is napping or in bed.

Best of all, my husband likes the fact that other people enjoy my fantasies. I have considered creating a site for him to respond playfully to some of the comments that I scrap in moderation, but he has not been too keen on it yet. For now, my readers just get to enjoy when I share something witty he says when someone tries to sell me penis-growth herbs.



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