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The Best Adult URL Shorteners Online

Make money by sharing your links online. Link shortening is a growing trend within adult sites. It’s simply shortening your long links to make them look better and not crammed when posting it to a website. This is also a safer way for you to promote your links when posting in forums and comments.

You can shorten your links with the best adult URL shortener service. Revenue starts coming in when you get traffic from visitors clicking on your link…when a visitor visit your money link you get paid

There are two types of ads :

  1. Interstitial : these are full page ads which appear between pages during few seconds
  2. Top Banner / Leaderboard Banner : these are Banner Ads that may appear on top/left/right/bottom of the page, and can be of different sizes

Here are the top three best adult URL shorteners:

  1. Linkbucks

Full site link:

How does LinkBuck work? 

For every link that you create with their URL shortening service, you’ll get a LinkBucks link that you can share to your clients. All these links will go to their destined locations but will include an ad type of your choosing. Your clients will see this ad and then once the time is up will be redirected to your page. Every time a link you shared gets clicked, you earn from LinkBucks.

Why choose Linkbucks? (read our Linkbucks review)

  • They are the finest link shortener service in social marketing.
  • You can simply submit your links to their site and you’re done.
  • They have a better and higher pay rate compared to other sites of the same service.
  • No registration fees required when signing up.

  1. X18

Full site link:

How does X18 work? helps you monetize your adult links with a $.050 minimum payout each month! It’s an adult and porn related url shortener. Everyone can use their service to shorten links and at the same time earn. When the link gets clicked, it will show the user an ad for 5 seconds and once the time is up it will be redirected to your website.

Why choose X18? 

  • Instantly monetize your links with just a click
  • Due to their unique ad system, you can get more traffic and conversion compared to popunder campaigns offered by other sites.
  • Just posting your URL in your own site already allows you to earn.
  • You take all the earnings from your URLs.
  • Only $0.50 for payout via PayPal. It’s the lowest payout for any URL shortening service.
  • Higher rates for each click linked.
  • You don’t have to worry about your URLs getting blacklisted since the site focuses on adult links.
  1. PornEarn -> (update) IS CLOSE NOW

How does PornEarn work?

It’s really easy to earn from Pornearn. You can get revenue from Pornearn from all the links you or a user shares or posts in websites, comments or forums. All the links that you share have a value; it’s one of the methods that help generate traffic and money for the websites.

Why choose PornEarn? (read our PornEarn review)

  • PornEarn is an adult url shortener that caters entirely to the adult industry.
  • It’s easier to direct traffic to your site since it’s also in the adult network.
  • You’ll earn for every visitor that clicks and visits your links.
  • An ad will be shown once the links are clicked and each one of those ads help you earn.
  • Aside from popunder ads, they also offer over blind clicks and pop-up ads.
  • Earnings vary differently from each client; the sky is the limit when it comes to link sharing. The more people click on your links then the more you earn.
  • You can earn more with their referral programs. Get 15% payment on each of your successful referrals.

When you use any of the best adult URL shortening service, all the links will be directed to their website since they are the host then redirected back to your site. That one click is already registered in their system and that equals a certain amount, imagine getting a thousand clicks per day!